VA Kicks Off a Study Exploring Algorithmic Management in the Workplace

26 January 2023/Study

Algorithmic management (AM) refers to technologies that can automate managerial functions improving decision making, automating repetitive tasks, and optimising performance in a business or organisation. With recent technological advancements, the usage of such technologies and their effects on the world of work will only grow. This naturally raises several questions:

  • How widely AM technologies are used? What managerial functions are most frequently automated with them? How the usage will evolve in the short-, medium-, and long-term?
  • What opportunities and challenges do such technologies create / bring to employers and employees?
  • How does the EU and Member States legal framework cover such technologies currently and are there any gaps?

To answer them, DG for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion recently awarded a study to Visionary Analytics and its partners, including several prominent experts in the field such as Phoebe V. Moore and Antonio Aloisi. Our team will be tackling these questions by employing a large variety of different data collection and analysis techniques, including:

  • Deep dive with employers and workers that have experience using such tools, AM tool creators, experts in the fields, regulators, and similar through surveys, interviews, and workshops.
  • Comprehensive quantitative data analysis, along with analysing data on robots used in companies, using graphical analysis, statistical testing, data summarisation, econometric forecasting, and more.
  • Extensive mapping of literature and EU / national legislation will be carried out to identify recent developments related to AM.

The study is going to culminate with a report exploring AM taking into account different perspectives ensuring a balanced representation of insights. It is also one of the first European Commission efforts to explore this complex topic, which will serve as a basis for future research and possible future policy developments.

If you are an expert in the field, AM tool developer, or an employer / employee who has first-hand experience with such technologies, we would also like to hear from you! Please contact us via

Stay tuned for our updates on the research!

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