About Us

Who we are

We are a research-based advisory company providing applied research, evaluation and other consultancy services for the European Union institutions, international organisations and national governments.

Our vision is to be a standard of excellence and value in our sectors, a leading international company contributing to transforming the well-being of our society.

Our mission is to provide policy decision makers with knowledge for impact. We translate data and information into actionable, evidence-based knowledge for future-fit policies.

We are a values- and learning-driven company. Thus, we are committed to making a difference in the world, while at the same time creating a work culture that inspires and breeds constant learning and personal growth.

What we do

We provide our clients with added value by conducting robust analysis and delivering results in a clear and accessible manner. Our key services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Policy evaluation and impact assessment, including the development of methodological guidelines and tools for impacts assessment, counterfactual analysis for ex post evaluations, and theory based impact assessment.
  • Applied research and studies, based on solid theoretical background, collection of hard data and application of robust data analysis methods.
  • Training, consensus building and foresight analysis. To develop joint visions for the future in close collaboration with our clients, we apply tailor-made foresight analysis methods, such as scenarios, Delphi surveys, expert panels, and roadmapping.

Originally specialising in education and innovation policies, currently our expertise has spread to seven main areas and is deployed on a multidisciplinary basis.

Our approach

Our value proposition is comprised of the following:

Solid experience in impact assessment and policy evaluation

Our experts have substantial experience in ex ante, interim and ex post evaluation of national and EU level policies. Our approach is based on a good understanding of the logic of intervention and theory of change of the policy or programme, thorough and transparent operationalisation of evaluation issues, reliable qualitative and quantitative data, robust analysis based on triangulation of data and methods, clear and practical recommendations.

A recognized expertise in state-of-art methods

New problems require novel approaches: we constantly develop innovative analytical methods and tools to deliver tailored advice. In addition to theory-based evaluation and common research and evaluation techniques, we specialise in state-of-the-art quantitative methods, including statistical / econometric analysis, structural equation modelling, web scraping, data and text mining, bibliometric analysis and counterfactual analysis. Furthermore, VA has developed an in-house big data tool ‘Vacancy Analytics’.

Deep knowledge of relevant EU Cohesion policies

As well as the initiatives designed to implement these policies, such as smart specialisation. 

Experience in managing and successfully implementing Framework contracts

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of EU funding programmes, we are leading or partnering in a variety of contracts (FwC) with the European Parliament and different Directorates of the European Commission.

Wide network and geographical coverage as well as outstanding linguistic skills

While remaining a boutique company that values its culture, we invest in long lasting partnerships with our clients and international networks of experts in each expertise area.

Social Responsibility

We have a responsibility to use our knowledge and capabilities in order to build a better and more sustainable society. Our aim is to provide excellent research services by operating in a visionary and socially responsible way.

Interested in working with us?

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