Digitalisation offers ample opportunity for economic growth and social well-being. The last decade saw an exponential spread of digital solutions and their applications across multiple domains, while the COVID-19 pandemic drove many businesses, institutions, and organisations to adopt digital tools at an unprecedented pace.

However, digitalisation comes with increasingly novel, complex, and profound issues that extend from employee well-being to digital divides and competition issues, which may negatively impact societies across the EU. Setting Europe on a path of successful digital transformation, well-coordinated reforms, regulatory and policy measures, and investments will be needed at both national and European levels.

Our knowledge of emerging trends, combined with robust methodological expertise, enables us to provide state-of-the-art research, impact assessment, and evaluation services in the area of digitalisation.

In our work, we cover four key areas that are also central to the Digital Compass for the EU’s digital decade:

  • Digital skills for the population and digital professionals
  • Secure and sustainable digital infrastructures
  • Digital transformation of businesses
  • Digitalisation of governance and public services

Selected projects

Support to the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy (2021-2023)

With our partners from Everis Belgium and Kantar Belgium, the objectives of this study are to support the work of the European Commission’s (DG CONNECT) EU Observatory by contributing to a wider understanding of opportunities and challenges arising in the European platform economy and global trends, providing evidence and in-depth analyses of the emerging issues in the wider online platform economy, and more.

Study on regulatory incentives for the deployment of Very High Capacity Networks in the context of the revision of the Commission’s Access recommendations (2020-2021)

The study assisted the European Commission in evaluating the effects of the Commission Recommendation on regulated access to Next Generation Access Networks (NGA) and the Recommendation on consistent non-discrimination obligations and costing methodologies to promote competition and enhance the broadband investment environment in the market and regulatory context foreseeable in the medium-term and assessing the need to revise the guidance provided in the field of access regulation.

Study on the evaluation of the portability regulation (2020-2021)

For this assignment, we collected evidence on the practical application of the portability rules by online content service providers, assessed consumers’ experience with the cross-border portability of online content services, and evaluated the impacts of the Portability Regulation on service providers (in particular SMEs) and rightsholders (content producers and distributors). The project was carried out together with Kantar Belgium for European Commission DG CONNECT.

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