VA Kicks Off a Study on Innovative Practices in Legislation around Emerging Tech

27 March 2024/Study

The New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA) recognises the pivotal role of regulatory frameworks in fostering or hindering the development and adoption of emerging technologies. The NEIA emphasises the need for regulations to provide legal certainty while also allowing room for regulatory experimentation. Emerging technologies, including in key areas of deep tech, clean technologies, and biotechnologies, are vital for sustainable growth and addressing societal challenges. However, because of their novelty and inherent risks, there’s a pressing need to understand the challenges faced in the development and implementation of such technologies and how legislation and regulation can best support them.

The European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) have enlisted 4FRONT (lead), Visionary Analytics, and EFIS Centre for the “Study on Innovative Practices in Legislation around Emerging Tech”. The study will explore how the regulatory environment in EU and Horizon Europe Associated Countries influences the development and market uptake of emerging technologies, at the EU and national level. It aims to identify regulatory bottlenecks and unregulated areas and assess the uptake and effectiveness of experimental spaces for European innovators (such as regulatory sandboxes, test beds, or living labs). We will also take a closer look at the potential benefits of flexible regulation and experimental spaces for emerging technologies being supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC).

The consortium has several activities in progress and planned to support the study, including a survey of EIC beneficiaries, interviews, and the development of technology- and regulatory-specific case studies to gather insights that will inform our recommendations and guidance for future policy initiatives.

Visionary Analytics is excited to be a part of this study which will have significance in driving innovation within the EU and associated countries. By unravelling regulatory challenges and opportunities, the study can empower policymakers, regulators, and innovators to navigate the complex landscape of emerging technologies more effectively and foster a more innovation-friendly environment.

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