Research Assistant Internship

We offer:

  • Contributing to research, policy analysis, and evaluations at the EU and national levels;
  • Helping with such activities as interviews, data collection and analysis, web scraping, literature reviews, and other assistance;
  • Professional growth with a mentorship system;
  • Depending on your skills and the length of the internship a stipend;
  • Possibility to become an employee after the internship (~60% of our employees were interns prior to their employment);
  • Flexible hybrid work conditions – the ability to contribute full-time or part-time (0,5-1 FTE) and remotely.

We are looking for:

  • Students or recent graduates in Social Sciences;
  • Proficient English users who are able to speak and write at C1-C2 levels;
  • Colleagues who can relate to our values and feel ownership over their inputs.

We prioritise:

  • Candidates with knowledge of other European languages;
  • Candidates with interest and experience in policy analysis and data science.

Interested in this position?

Send us your CV, a 2 or 3-paragraph long motivational letter, and a recent paper that you have prepared during research work (e.g., thesis, essay, other paper).

Email to apply for a general internship with the subject line “Research Assistant Internship” at

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis.

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