VA10 Stories: 10 years of People and Development

25 August 2022/Event

10 years of People and Development

Misquoting an older proverb: “A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish”.  And I believe the last 10 years of Visionary Analytics embodies this quote perfectly. From the early years until today, we never stopped moving, changing, evolving, and growing, which allowed us to “polish” our knowledge, methods, approaches, and how we do research. This, in turn, allows us to do our best in order to produce the best. This is also not only limited to the company as each and every employee also embodies this idea.

For example, when I first met Audronė, she, just like everyone else, was carrying boxes as we were moving from a relatively small office to a new, and bigger, one. That was many years ago, and now, she does not need to carry any boxes on her own as she is managing a team of wonderful, bright, and capable individuals to whom she can delegate this task! Joking aside, in a relatively short time Audronė managed to move from a research assistant to a research manager, with numerous successful implemented projects under her belt. However, even though she grew immensely as a professional, she did not lose her sense of self as she is just as willing to help anyone in need.

Similarly, talking about more junior colleagues, when Diana came to Visionary, just like many other colleagues, she was afraid to fail. However, she was not afraid to try, learn, and grow. This in turn allowed her in several short years to build up her expertise, confidence, and learn that “only those who do not try never fail”. Today, Diana is an amazing professional in many fields, who is always eager to try new things, even including programming, and when something does not go right, she does not give up but tries even harder until she succeeds with flying colours!

I could go on and on with numerous examples on how people at Visionary grew both as professionals but as people as well. However, to ensure brevity, and to keep some stories for ourselves, I want the reader of this speech to leave with a more concrete message.

Here, at Visionary Analytics, we always strive to growth, change, and keeping up with the newest trends, methods, thematic fields, etc. However, we never compromise our people to achieve this. We grow together to make Visionary both the best place to work, as well as a company that produces the best results and is best in select fields.

This journey also never ends. This is because though some might try to strive for perfection, in our fields there is no such thing. Everything is always changing, new approaches, new themes, and new methods are always being introduces and created. Because of this we do not try to compare ourselves with others to measure our success. We compare ourselves with how much we achieved in a year and how much better we became. This also forces us to not blindly follow in others footsteps, but to learn what is needed from others and then move on to create our own path, our own approaches, and our own legacy. In turn, this allows us, both as a company and as individuals, to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. And luckily, when we have so many amazing people surrounding us as Visionary, growth together becomes something to look forward to every single day!

– Aleksandr Christenko

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