VA Working on Accelerating Sustainability in Telecoms

12 April 2024/Study

In recent years, the telecom industry has been undergoing a significant transformation driven by the rapid advancement of new technologies. These innovations, ranging from 5G networks to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, are poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating what is known as the ‘twin transition’ in Telecoms. This twin transition encompasses a dual aim to harness the power of digital technologies to drive economic growth and innovation while ensuring environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness.

Visionary Analytics team is excited to announce that together with European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) and UNI Europa ICTS we are working on a study titled “Accelerating Sustainability in Telecoms”.

The project aims to understand the potential of new technologies to enable the twin transition in Telecoms, their impact on skills needs and the labour market. The overall aim of this social dialogue project is to provide concrete guidelines on how these technologies can be adopted, share these learnings with the largest possible number of members and affiliates, and to support the implementation of the twin transition at European and national level through structured and effective social dialogue.

In particular, Visionary Analytics will:

  • Carry out desk research to identify best practices
  • Prepare a questionnaire based on the research results and conduct interviews in selected companies with management and employee representatives.
  • Prepare for and participate in the sectoral consultation (Round tables and conference).
  • Present the findings at workshops, and provide notes, minutes / workshop reports
  • Develop the final Policy Recommendations and Guidelines Report
  • Participate in the steering group meetings and the project workshop.

The study is expected to be finished by August 2025.

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