VA Kicks Off a Foresight Study for the Future of EU School Education Scenario Development

29 December 2022/Study

Ageing societies, digitalisation, environmental challenges, other mega-trends, and “black swan” events such as the COVID-19 pandemic all impact the way school education in the EU is organised and delivered. The impact of these trends and events is likely to become even more prominent in the next few decades. This in turn requires policy makers to prepare for the challenges lying ahead.

With an objective of strengthening its foresight capacity and enabling policymakers to identify and adequately respond to future challenges of schooling in the EU, DG EAC contracted Visionary Analytics to conduct “Scenarios for the future of school education in the EU – a foresight study”. Visionary Analytics, in cooperation with partners Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), ISINNOVA, 4strat, and field experts will construct and examine different possible scenarios for the developments in school education in the EU until 2040.

Since foresight is a highly creative, collaborative, and participatory exercise, the project team will onboard a wide range of experts and stakeholders in the field. Our pool of experts will cover the following sub-themes of schooling:

  • digital education
  • sustainability education (incl. green transition)
  • teachers, trainers, and school administration
  • well-being in schools
  • equity in education
  • civic education

Many participatory activities are planned throughout the project. Beyond exploratory interviews, our team will be incorporating focus group discussions, workshops, and DELPHI surveying. The outcomes of the study will be further used in discussions with EU Member States and other stakeholders on education policy reforms along with policy planning and evaluation.

Are you an expert in school education and would like to join us in the study activities? Fill out our partnership form and indicate that you are interested in this project via

Stay tuned for our updates on the research!

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