Evidence - based policy solutions built
on shared vision and robust analysis.


Innovation policy plays a central role in shaping national, regional and transnational innovation systems, and thus in strengthening the economic performance of regions and their ability to tackle ‘grand‘ societal and economical challenges of our time. Systemic policy instruments as well as harmonised and well-performing governance processes and institutional frameworks are needed at national, EU, international levels.


To design the radically new policy approaches or even incremental improvements, more than innovative ideas on the new policy concepts are needed, but also sound knowledge and rigorous evidence on what works and why in the specific contexts of national innovation systems. In line with our expertise in supporting innovation policy, we offer impact assessment, evaluation, applied research and foresight services in the below-mentioned broadly defined thematic areas:


  • Innovation policy and  instruments
  • Innovation governance
  • Innovation systems
  • RTDI strategies for organisations and sectors


    Innovation policy and instruments:

  • Innovation policy modes: from linear approach (1st mode) to broad-based innovation policy
  • New policy concepts: demand-based innovation policy, public procurement and innovation, green innovation, open innovation, service innovation, public sector innovation
  • National policies towards internationalisation of research and development
  • National policies towards innovation networks and research collaboration; new forms of knowledge production between academia and industry
  • EU-wide impact assessment, evaluation and design of innovation policy instruments, including EU structural funds support programmes
  • Design and assessment of innovation policy monitoring systems and indicators
  • Methods and instruments for evaluation and monitoring of innovation policy


    Innovation governance:

  • Modes of governance
  • Design, assessment and evaluation of innovation governance trends and solutions: strategic planning and strategic intelligence systems, institutional frameworks, coordination instruments, risk prevention systems


    Innovation systems:

  • Assessment of effectiveness of reforms, trends and developments in innovation systems
  • Monitoring, analysis and comparison of innovation systems in EU and international context (design and assessment of monitoring systems, STI indicators)
  • Methods and instruments for evaluation and monitoring of national innovation systems


    RTDI Strategies of organisations and sectors:

  • Internationalisation of industrial and public R&D
  • IPR framework and industrial protection strategies
  • Knowledge creation, management and transfer
  • Strategic innovation management
  • Networking strategies


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