TRANSFORM-ED project: digital technologies in education

Using AI and digital technologies to improve the quality of education with COVID19

The integration of digital technologies into education systems is widely discussed and often prioritised on political agendas. However, in light of COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, education systems across the world have faced acute stress in transferring their physical learning to virtual environments. This is mostly implied by the lack of progress in digital transformation of education systems but also by different didactic solutions and differently organised educational process required in virtual environments.

Thus, this research project aims to identify proven solutions for the integration of AI, digitalisation, and technology into the educational process. The study seeks to:

  • Reconstruct, analyse, and evaluate the COVID-19-related experiences of schools’ transfer to distance learning. This will be based on extensive literature and data analysis as well as case studies (of Estonia, Finland, and the United Kingdom).
  • Propose evidence-based methodological guidelines for the transformation of the Lithuanian education system and, subsequently, training programmes for teachers. The methodological tools are likely to encourage and enable teachers to update applied didactic solutions and scenarios for acquiring, consolidating, and activating new knowledge transition more smoothly from the virtual learning space to the physical and vice versa.
  • Propose policy recommendations, aiming to intensify the development of the Lithuanian EdTech sector, while simultaneously ensuring appropriate preparation of schools and accessibility.

The project was funded by the Research Council of Lithuania. The research grant was implemented together with Kaunas University of Technology and Bitdegree.


Download the Policy brief on ‘Digital transformation: future-fit education’ (in Lithuanian).

Download the methodological tools for application of educational technologies in social, humanitarian sciences and arts along with STEM education (in Lithuanian).

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