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Simonas Gaušas

Partner, Research Manager

Email: Simonas


Research and evaluation of education and labour market policies. Extensive work with the EU and national authorities through contract research, networks and invited contributions.




With more than 10 years of experience in impact assessment, policy evaluation and applied research, Simonas focuses on education (especially VET, adult learning and education financing) and labour market policies (especially greening effects on jobs, sectoral labour market trends and anticipation of skills needs). He is well experienced in successfully managing large European assignments, report writing, field research, technical assistance and actively contributes in relevant international conferences, workshops and study visits. Simonas is an active participant in the ReferNet Lithuania network on the development of vocational education and training and European SkillsNet network on forecasting labour supply and demand in Europe.




Research and evaluation of education and labour market policies
European Commission,  since 2008 Selected projects:

  • Study on the effects of greening on quantity and quality of jobs.
  • Numerous Studies on cost-sharing instruments for VET, higher education and adult learning.
  • Impact assessment of the reforms in education and training on adult learning.
  • Forecasting Skill Supply and Demand in Europe.
  • Interim evaluation of Lifelong Learning programme.
National governments, since 2004 Selected projects:

  • Funding of VET and adult learning.
  • Ex ante evaluations of investments in VET infrastructure including development of sectoral practical training centres.
  • Forecasts of skills demand and supply.
  • Involvement in the preparation of the relevant EU structural funds Operational Programmes.
Other experience
European Commission, since 2009 Projects related to regional development and improvement of services of general interest.
National governments, since 2003 Selected projects:

  • Methods for ex post evaluation of R&D investments.
  • Evaluation of Structural Funds interventions in Lithuania.
  • Support for the local and regional development in Lithuania and Georgia.
  • Assistance to Lithuanian and Georgian authorities in strategic planning.
  • Contributions to national industrial zones’ development and economic sector analyses.


Selected publications


  1. Gaušas S. and Vosyliūtė L. (2015), “Local economic strategies for ageing labour markets: Marijampolė’s Third Age University in Lithuania”, OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Working Papers, 2015/01, OECD Publishing, Paris.
  2. Martinaitis Ž., Gaušas S., Paliokaitė A. (2016). „Cultural and Constitutional Embeddedness of University Autonomy in Lithuania”. In: Turcan R.V., J. E. Reilly and L. Bugaian (Eds.). Re-discovering university autonomy, Palgrave Macmillan;
  3. Gaušas, S. (2014). „Role of trade unions in adressing green growth and youth unemployment challenges“ In: Larsen. C, Rand S., Schmid A. and Keil R.  (Eds.). Sustainable Economy and Sustainable Employment: Approaches to measuring sustainability in regional and local labour market monitoring, München, Mering: Rainer Hampp Verlag;
  4. Gaušas S., Owczarzak R., Paliokaitė A. (2014). Anticipating and managing the effects of greening of industries in the European Union: Skills development in the overall context of job quality. In: OECD/ Cedefop. Greener Skills and Jobs. OECD Green Growth Studies, OECD Publishing;
  5. Golubova E., Dumčius R. and Gaušas S. (2011), “Impact on new public management on efficiency of work and quality of services in vocational education institutions“, Vocational education: Research and Reality, No. 20, pp. 62-79.
  6. Gaušas S. and Dumčius R. (2009), „Combining quantitative and qualitative research methods in comparative study on VET cost-sharing mechanisms and regulatory instruments” in Grollmann P. and Hoppe M. (Ed.), Methods and instruments for the evaluation and monitoring of VET- systems – Conference proceedings. Bonn: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BiBB), Discussion papers, No. 119.


Selected reports


  1. Client: CEDEFOP. Apprenticeship review: Lithuania – Signposting the apprenticeship path in Lithuania, 2015;
  2. Client: MOSTA. Analytical report on future trends in public sector innovation and education and training (in Lithuanian), 2014;
  3. Client: EASME. BUILD UP Skills – EU overview report, 2014;
  4. Client: The Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania (LINPRA). Potential of Lithuanian education system to ensure the growth of competitiveness of the national engineering industry (in Lithuanian), 2013;
  5. Client: ETUC. Young, Green and Union: addressing sustainable youth employment for Europe, 2013;
  6. Client: CEDEFOP. Financing Training in Europe, 2013;
  7. Client: EUROFOUND. Greening of industries in the EU: Anticipating and managing the effects on quantity and quality of jobs in ten target sectors, 2013;
  8. Client: CEDEFOP. Loans for vocational education and training in Europe2012;
  9. Client: CEDEFOP. Training leave: Policies and practice in Europe, 2012;
  10. Client: CEDEFOP. Sharing the costs of vocational education and training. An analysis of schemes in the newer EU Member States, 2009;
  11. Client: European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture. Feasibility study on student lending, 2011;
  12. Client: Research Council of Lithuania. Competencies of graduates of master’s studies and the needs of the Lithuanian economy, 2006.




MA in European public administration, Vilnius University, 2006.