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Aleksandr Christenko

Aleksandr_didele Researcher

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Research and evaluation of labour market, R&D, and education policies and programmes. Writing academic papers in the fields of evaluations, labour markets, skills, and similar. Performing complex quantitative data analysis, including applying a variety of data mining models.




Aleksandr is highly experience in applying a wide range of statistical, econometric, and data mining models to analyse a variety of issues in the fields of labour markets, R&D, education, and similar. He is fluent in R programming language, has experience with Python, and can use majority of statistical analysis software, such as SPSS, gretl, RapidMiner. In addition to working at visionary he is a visiting lecturer at ISM university, Vilnius, where he lectures on different topics related to data analysis.









Research and evaluation of labour market, R&D, education, and other policies and projects
European Commission, since 2015 Selected projects:

  • Study for feasibility assessment and piloting of (self-)assessment tool on skills management practices in SMEs (DG EMPL)
  • Study to support impact assessment on SIA of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (DG EAC)
  • Exploring youth digital talent readiness for the future of work in Europe (JRC)
  • Real-time Labour Market information on Skill Requirements: Setting up the EU system for online vacancy analysis (CEDEFOP)
  • The Impact Assessment of a possible new legislative proposal concerning Directive 2010/13/EU (AVMSD) and in particular the provisions on media freedom, public interest and access for disabled people (DG CONNECT/DG EAC)
National governments, since 2014 Selected projects:

  • Updating and helping to maintain the human resource forecasting system (STRATA)
  • Technical assistance for developing the methodology to update the Smart Specialization Programme in Lithuania (STRATA)
  • Strengthening Evaluation Capacities of EU Structural Assistance (Ministry of Finance, Lithuania)

Other experience

Academic experience, since 2015 Selected activities:

  • Visiting lecturing SM University of Management and Economics (Statistical Data Analysis, Multivariate Statistics, Econometrics, Data Mining for Business Intelligence).
Research and analysis, since 2015 Selected projects:


Selected publications


  1. Christenko, A., Martinaitis, Ž., Gaušas, S. (2020).“Specific and general skills: concepts, dimensions, and measurements”, Competition & change , Vol 24(1), pp. 44-69.
  2. Martinaitis Ž., Christenko A., Kraučiūnienė L. (2019), Evaluation systems: How do they frame, generate and use evidence?. Evaluation, 25(1), 46–61.


Selected reports


  1. Client: Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. Study on Research Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region: Existing Networks, Obstacles and Ways Forward , 2017
  2. Client: European Commission, DG CONNECT. Study on media freedom, public interest and access for disabled people (AVMSD), 2016.




MSc in Computer Modelling, Vilnius University, 2018.

BSc in Economics and Politics, ISM University of Management and Economics, 2015.