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Aleksandr Christenko

Aleksandr_dideleJunior Researcher

Email: Aleksandr

Assistance with data analysis and evaluation in the selected

research projects with a focus on quantitative analysis.




Aleksandr knows of statistical, econometric and data mining models well, as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods and background of political and economic theory. He is proficient

in using R and experienced in working with other statistical

packages such as SPSS, grel and RapidMiner.











Policy research and evaluation
European Commission, since 2015 Research assistance in the following projects:

  • The Impact Assessment of a possible new legislative proposal concerning Directive 2010/13/EU (AVMSD) and in particular the provisions on media freedom, public interest and access for disabled people (SMART2015/0048).
  • Cumulative Cost Assessment for the Chemical Industry.
National governments, since 2014 Research assistance in the following projects:

  • Strengthening Evaluation Capacities in Lithuania.
  • Strengthening Evaluation Capacities of EU Structural Assistance.

Other experience

Academic experience, since 2015 Selected activities:

  • Teaching and assisting at ISM University of Management and Economics, (Seminars on the Data Mining for Business Intelligence course).

and analysis, since 2014

Experience gained through research work as part of university studies,  independent research and writing the Bachelor thesis. Selected projects:

  • The Impact of Government Fractionalization on Public Debt: Text-Based Analysis (2015).
  • Assessment of Lithuanian Party 2012 Election Programmes: Texts Base Analysis (2014).
  • Effect of Corruption Levels on the Size of the Construction Sector in European Union Countries (2014).
  • Assessment of Lithuanian Party General Election Programmes: Text-Based Analysis (2014).




MSc in Computer Modelling, Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, expected graduation in January 2018.

BSc in Economics and Politics, ISM University of Management and Economics, 2015.