Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: A Comprehensive Evaluation

6 December 2023/Study

Exploring policy frontiers: Unveiling Gender Equality Plans (GEP’s)

In the realm of research and innovation, a collaborative project led by Ecorys, Visionary Analytics, and the European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre embarks on a pivotal mission. With the aim to dissect the evolution of GEP’s within research and innovation organisations across the EU, national, and institutional tiers, the project sets its sights on multiple objectives.

In the wake of the newly introduced GEP eligibility criterion for Horizon Europe funding, implemented in 2022, which requires organisations to have a GEP in place, the project seeks to meticulously scrutinise the impact of policy advancements in fostering gender equality. Additionally, the project endeavours to craft a robust monitoring framework. This framework aims not only to gauge the progress toward gender equality within the European Research Area (ERA) but also to contribute valuable metrics to the ERA scoreboard and dashboard.

Illuminating pathways: A framework for progress in ERA

This project embarks on a substantial endeavour, delving beyond mere analysis to propose a comprehensive and robust monitoring framework. This envisioned framework doesn’t merely measure progress; it becomes the compass guiding strides toward gender equality within the expansive ERA. Beyond measurement, it stands as a foundational contributor, offering indispensable metrics to populate and enrich the ERA scoreboard and dashboard. By shaping this framework, the project not only evaluates the current landscape but actively contributes to sculpting a more equitable and informed future within the ERA, setting benchmarks for progress, and guiding transformative actions.

Key insights into Gender Equality Plans

The insights unearthed by this project carry significant weight, offering invaluable comprehension of the pivotal elements governing the implementation of GEP’s. These findings transcend mere policymaking; they extend a guiding hand to research and innovation R&I entities, illuminating the pathways for effective GEP implementation. More than just a blueprint, these insights create opportunities for promoting gender equality holistically throughout entire organisations.

Our partners and VA’s role in the project

Visionary Analytics, plays a pivotal role in this collaborative endeavour, brought to the fore its expertise in evaluation methodologies. Our team contributions encompass an array of services critical to the project’s success. From data collection through extensive case studies to policy briefs, our involvement amplifies the depth and scope of the evaluation. We engaged extensively with gender equality experts in R&I across a wide range of member states. This concerted effort amplified the depth of insights, enriching the study’s understanding of the intricate landscape of GEP’s implementation. Our consultations expanded the scope of perspectives, ensuring a comprehensive view that spanned diverse geographical and institutional settings.

The partnership among Ecorys, Visionary Analytics, and the European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre forms the backbone of this ambitious undertaking. Each partner contributes unique expertise, resources, and perspectives, creating a powerhouse of knowledge and insights.

Catalysing change: Societal impact

At its heart, this project surpasses the realm of research and innovation. It stands as a catalyst for societal transformation. By dissecting challenges and policy gaps, it aims to foster systemic changes, empowering individuals regardless of personal or social characteristics. The envisioned standardised metrics and nuanced understanding of intersectionality aspire to shape policy frameworks, institutional mindsets, and cultivate a culture of inclusivity.


In conclusion, this collaborative effort led by Ecorys, Visionary Analytics, and the EFIS stands as a pivotal step toward gender equality in research and innovation. Their insights overstep evaluation, offering a clear path for effective implementation of GEP’s throughout organisations. These findings pave the way for holistic progress, reshaping mindsets, and policies to foster true inclusivity. Through shared expertise, this project champions a future where gender equality is not just a goal but a tangible reality, driving meaningful societal change.

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