Evidence - based policy solutions built
on shared vision and robust analysis.


Impact assessment

Over the past decade there has been a growing interest in ex ante and ex post impact assessments. It is an increasingly widely used instrument for systemic analysis of the net benefits of the policy. Our services include:


  • Development of methodological guidelines and tools for impacts assessment;
  • Training workshops on impact assessment;
  • Counter factual analysis for ex post evaluations;
  • Theory based impact assessment of education, training and innovation policies.



Policy evaluation

Our experts have substantial experience in ex ante, interim and ex post evaluation of national and EU level policies.


Our approach is based on:

  • Good understanding of the logic of intervention and theory of change of the policy or programme
  • Thorough and transparent operationalisation of evaluation issues
  • Collection of reliable qualitative and quantitative data
  • Robust analysis of data based on social science methods
  • Triangulation of data and methods
  • Practical recommendations aimed at further policy development
  • Focus on consensus building and implementation of recommendations


Applied research and studies

Successful design and implementation of education and innovation policies crucially depends on shared knowledge of what works, why and under what circumstances. Yet all too often data is scarce and underlying theories of change remain fuzzy. Our approach is based on solid theoretical background, collection of hard data and application of robust data analysis methods. Our services include:

  • Collection of qualitative and quantitative data, including interview programmes, surveys, case studies, policy reviews, expert panels and delphi surveys
  • Quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis
  • Comparative studies of instruments and programmes implemented by the EU Member States



Foresight analysis

To anticipate trends and developments in a fast changing world, and to draw corresponding strategies, we offer a range of techniques that enable our clients from both policy and business sectors envision multiple paths into the future, identify adverse conditions, guide strategy and explore the best-case, worst-case and most likely to occur situations simultaneously. To develop best results in close collaboration with our clients, we apply tailor-made foresight analysis tools and methods, such as:

  • Long-Range Forecasts
  • Scenario Planning
  • Delphi Surveys
  • Expert Panels, Future Workshops
  • Trend Scanning  and Trend Evaluation
  • Roadmapping
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Facilitation


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