Blueprint “SPIRE-SAIS“: A Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry

Economic, digital and technological developments, as well as increasing energy efficiency and environmental demands, present the European (and global) energy intensive industries (comprised of eight sectors: chemicals, cement, ceramics, minerals, steel, non-ferrous metals, industrial water and process engineering) with many challenges. One of the key challenges is to continuously update qualifications, knowledge and skill profiles of the workforce. To address this challenge Visionary Analytics staff joined the international team of partners in the project “Blueprint “SPIRE-SAIS: Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis –A Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry”.

This project aims to develop the strategy (blueprint) for an ongoing and short-termed implementation of new skills demands concerning cross-sectoral industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency within energy intensive industries. Two principal objectives include:

  • Proactive identification of skill needs and demands for building the relevant training and curricula. This includes development of new vocational education content and pedagogies across the sectors within both companies and education and training institutions. Accomplishment of this objective will enable mutual recognition of skills and training within the EU.
  • Identification, development and promotion of successful sectoral recruitment and upskilling schemes. This includes development of first (framework) training tools for a) the efficient management of knowledge towards high skilled workers, and b) tackling recruitment difficulties by widening the talent pool and establishing a more diverse workforce.

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