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Science, technology, innovation



Enhancing the efficiency of the cooperation between business and science


Ex-ante evaluation of digitalisation of society measures for 2021-2027


Development of Human Capital for Research and Innovation in Latvia


Evaluation of measures fostering business R&D under the 2014-2020 Operational Programme

EIM 3 prioritetas

Evaluation of SME competitiveness measures under the 2014-2020 Operational Programme


Mid-term Evaluation of the Operational Programme for the European Union Funds’ Investments in 2014-2020


Evaluation of the System of the OP’s Monitoring Indicators


Ex-ante evaluation of new financial instruments for SMEs, mid-caps and organisations from the cultural and creative sectors


Digital Agenda and Cohesion Policy

Rio 2017

RIO country report: Lithuania 2017


Specific support to Lithuania under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility

 Baltic Science Network1

Study on research cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

 MTEPI galutine ataskaita

Evaluation of Progress of the Objectives of the OP Designed for Promotion of R&D&I

RIO virselis 2016_1  






RIO country report: Lithuania 2016







Ex-post evaluation of the instrument Inno-vouchers LT impact on business R&D expenditure







Assessment of investments for Smart specialisation implementation








Mid-term Review of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014












RIO country report: Lithuania 2015

 Stairway to excellence







Stairway to Excellence Country Report: Lithuania

 Support to SMEs20151022

Increasing Research and Innovation in SMEs and SME Development: Lithuania








RIO Country Report: Lithuania 2014






Social and Economic Return on Investment in R&D







Roadmaps for Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategy in Lithuania







ERAWATCH Country Reports 2013: Lithuania

 HighTech Development  

Lithuanian High Technologies Development Feasibility Study


Proposals for Smart Specialisation Priorities of Lithuania


New Production Processes, Materials and Technologies: R&D Potential Review


New Production Processes, Materials and Technologies: Thematic Review


Transport, Logistics and ICTs: R&D Potential Review


Transport, Logistics and ICTs: Thematic Review


Agro-Innovations and Food Technologies: R&D Potential Review


Agro-Innovations and Food Technologies: Thematic Review


Health Technologies and Biotechnologies: R&D Potential Review

Health technology and biotechnology

Health Technologies and Biotechnologies: Thematic Review


Energy and Sustainable Environment: R&D Potential Review







Energy and Sustainable Environment: Thematic Review








Inclusive and Creative Society: R&D Potential Review


Inclusive and Creative Society: Thematic Review







Lithuanian R&D and Innovation Priorities Identification Methodology

 Current strengths201510222

Current Strengths and Future Growth Potential in Lithuania`s Economy

 Long term national challenges20151022

Long Term National Challenges Facing Lithuania`s Economy and Society

 Proposals for SS in LT20151022






Proposals for Priority Fields of Smart Specialisation in Lithuania






ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: Lithuania






Lithuania’s Participation in European Research Infrastructures