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Historical data on industrial change and skills in Lithuania

Studies of transformation of Lithuanian economy and the labour market face a major challenge – there is a lack of comparable time series that would cover the last years of the planned economy (1989) as well as the changes that occurred during early transition (i.e. in 1990 – 1998). Comparable time series provided by the Lithuanian department of statistics (LDS) are from 1998 onwards. Prior to 1998 LDS published Lithuanian Statistics Yearbooks that presented fragments of data. However, it is not directly comparable, because data collection methodologies as well as classifications have changed over time.

To address this challenge below we present statistical data as contained in original sources as well as transformed data, which facilitates comparisons over time. The files also contain metadata for each data set, which describe the sources of the data, conversions that were performed (e.g. from Litas to Euro), any normalisation that was done in order to align data from different sources, etc.

Note: Observations of doubtful quality were not included in the normalised data sets.

All the data sets in zip form can be downloads from the following link – Data.zip

A table which provides an overview of all the sources can be accessed through the following link (this information is also provided in the metadata for each variable) – Sources

Original Normalised
Years Data Years Data Sources Metadata
Employment 1989-2008 Orig. 1992-2008 Norm. LSY 1992/1997/2001 and OSP Metadata
FDI 1996-2008 Orig. 1997-2018 Norm. LSY 1997/1999/2001/2004/2005/2010 Metadata
Export 1994-2008 Orig. 1994-2008 Norm. Comtrade Metadata
Import 1994-2008 Orig. 1994-2008 Norm. Comtrade Metadata
Gross Domestic Product 1988-2008 Orig. 1994-2008 Norm. LSY 1990/1992/1997/2001/2005/2010 Metadata