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Start at Best: GameOn!

Start at Best is a H2020 funded project with focus on Workplace Innovation. The main goal of the project is
to contribute to the development of a European-led new wave of workplace innovation among SMEs.


Visionary Analytics has been selected for the Start at Best grant to launch a project called GameOn!
GameOn! aims to reinvent the layout and design of problematic business processes by gamifying them.

The selected processes for gamification are: performance management system, project management and budgeting process, and internal feedback system. The proposed approach combines the current theoretical understanding of employees’ motivation and state-of-the-art knowledge on gamification in the context of business processes. This particular approach has been chosen as the engagement-based process ensures team buy-in. Moreover, a cross-functional project team involving individuals with different capabilities will help identify and address key bottlenecks.

We expect that our workplace innovation will become a good practice that could be adapted by other SMEs,
research institutes and academia where good management skills need to be urgently developed.

GameOn! project can also be followed via our social media platforms : Facebook and LinkedIn

More information about the Start at Best project can be found at https://startatbest.eu/


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº8603318.
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