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Visionary Teacher Award

Visionary Analytics seeks to not only bolster innovation but also to contribute to meaningful and sustainable incentives for people to make a change. The most meaningful change involves
education for a new generation. For this reason we wish to acknowledge and support the valuable work of teachers, who lay the foundations to children learning, and are therefore paving the way to our future.
Every year around Christmas the Visionary Analytics team gives the “Visionary Teacher of the Year” Award to a Lithuanian teacher from the periphery who has shown an original, visionary, and exceptional approach of teaching. The Award is fully sponsored by Visionary Analytics and the winner is selected by a group of team representatives who then deliver the prize of EUR 1000 to the laureate.
You can see previous winners and the reasons they have been chosen below:







Award winner 2019: Orinta Venckienė

Orinta impressed us with her exceptionally broad take on education and participation in not only STEAM, but also financial literacy, entrepreneurship projects with her pupils.






Award winner 2018: Neringa Juškevičiūtė

Neringa stood out among numerous teachers for fostering pupils‘ interest in sciences and developing their personalities through professional orientation and lessons in authentical environments, such as universities and labs.






Award winner 2017: Nerijus Medeišis

Nerijus was selected for applying innovative teaching methods, teaching interactive lessons outside the classroom and incouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.






Award winner 2016: Co-Creating Communities

This organisation was selected as they apply innovative methods of creative design and participatory leadership in bringing the community of education together with projects like “To The Moon”, “MoveMakers” and others.