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Ortė Barzdonytė

London School of Economics and Political Science


What have you gained from your internship? Foto

What key skills do you feel you have developed?

This internship gave me a good insight into what work in a research-based advisory company entails. Assisting with a broad spectrum of topics improved my ability to systemise and synthesise large flows of information, developed my strategic thinking and gave me a better understanding of how to approach unfamiliar subjects. As I was given quite a lot of freedom in structuring my work, this experience further developed my ability to plan and work under pressure. It also improved my flexibility and encouraged to adopt a “can-do” attitude while maintaining high academic standards.

What made you happy about your internship?


It gave me an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics. Even the projects from spheres I have never touched upon and would not have chosen initially proved to be interesting and valuable in their own ways. Emphasis on the creation of additional value and trust from the colleagues made me feel like I was actively contributing to the projects rather than being given tasks for the sake of giving. The team was also very welcoming, and I enjoyed the time spent with them, whether during lunch breaks or while working on the projects.

Suggestions for future interns


Ask questions and be proactive! This is a great opportunity to broaden your interests and discover what works best for you.