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Malte David Neumann

University of Konstanz


What have you gained from your internship? Malte VA

What key skills do you feel you have developed?

– Insights into Political Consulting
This is for me the most important takeaway from the internship.
I have now a deeper understanding of how the European Commission initiates research and how European Commission’s recommendations evolve.
– Insights into an international office
A big takeaway for me is the experience within an international
working community. Habits of conduct or the weekly Get Together
are a useful experience for my future.
– Self-reliant working
Working at VA taught me how to work self-reliantly. Concentrating on my time management as well as on the content of my work, I gained more of an understanding what is crucial


What made you happy about your internship?

The work had a broad range of tasks. At the same time, I gained relatively deep understanding for various topics including (e.g. Broadband migration and Global value chains). The diversified topics and the broad focus of the internship were my highlight within the internship.


Suggestions for future interns

Do not hesitate to give further ideas to your supervisors. Since you do the underlying research, you may notice details that they don’t.