Evidence - based policy solutions built
on shared vision and robust analysis.

Jokūbas Danaitis

University of Glasgow


What have you gained from your internship? Jokubas-e1567777177168.jpg

What key skills do you feel you have developed?

Thanks to my mentor Pijus, I learnt to do some quantitative analysis with two programmes new to me, R and gretl. In addition, I improved my research and report writing skills. I also gained some deep knowledge about the socio-economic benefits of technology and innovation.

What made you happy about your internship?

Trust and respect. My mentor entrusted me with rather important tasks, such as writing policy recommendations and doing quantitative analysis, and I felt that my work was appreciated. While doing my tasks, I had a significant amount of autonomy. At the same time, I was willingly helped when needed.


Suggestions for future interns

Come knowing what type of projects you’d like to work on as you’ll be matched with your mentor in accordance to that. Also, get to know your colleagues after work, be it during sports or cultural events, or whatever you decide. Trust me, they’re fun!