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Izabelė Nebilevičiūtė

Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences


Izabele_apkirptaWhat have you gained from your internship?

What key skills do you feel you have developed?



The skill I am most happy about is writing. The training has changed the way I look at texts in general. It was the first time a competent person has edited a text with me and gave thorough comments. I think that this one thing was the most important, as I haven’t had such opportunities during my studies and it was extremely useful. I have also learned a lot about how a consulting firm operates and what should it seek to provide for its clients.


What made you happy about your internship?


I was very happy to learn that there are companies where values matter not only in website, but on a daily basis. Colleagues have allowed me to understand what motivation is and how much can be done by having the right attitude. It is nice to see a team sharing the same idea ofhow things should be done. Also, as a feminist, I was very inspired by

determination and leadership that Agnė has.


Suggestions for future interns


Prepare to work like a captain and play like a pirate (every person that comes to internship at Visionary can take very different things out of it).