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Ernestas Kukauskas

Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences


What have you gained from your internship?

What key skills do you feel you have developed?Ernestasfb2

Visionary Analytics is a perfect place for your internship. You could not hope for a better atmosphere at work. Colleagues will always help you. The approach to continuous improvement is why choosing Visionary Analytics is a right thing to do. I have developed better team player skills, learned how to manage my time, understood the principles of project development and improved MS Office skills.


What made you happy about your internship?


Tasks I got were challenging, colleagues helped me a lot. I gained skills that will be helpful while writing Bachelor thesis. I hope I will be able to use these skills at my future job.


Suggestions for future interns


Prepare yourself for work. If you hope to lazily scroll through Facebook and

your aim is to get a signature that you passed your internship –

Visionary Analytics is not a place for you.