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on shared vision and robust analysis.

Eglė Jasonaitė

egleISM University of Management and Economics


What have you gained from your internship?

What key skills do you feel you have developed?


After the internship in Visionary Analytics I became more confident about the usefulness of my skills and problem solving abilities. It also became easier for me to express my thoughts in written and verbal form. Through the whole internship period I was exposed to different types of tasks: writing parts of project proposals, supporting my colleagues by providing the needed information, analysing the data, etc. I strongly believe that it helped me to develop wide range of skills.


What made you happy about your internship?


The atmosphere created in the office helps to easily concentrate on your task without feeling stressed about it. Moreover, the colleagues are incredibly helpful and do not lack advises. Also, through the internship period I have learned new valuable skills.


Suggestions for future interns


The best suggestion probably is to make sure that you really understand the task and what is expected of you. If not – do not be afraid to ask, your colleagues will be happy to explain.