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on shared vision and robust analysis.

Diana Čop

Vilnius University, Institute of International Relations and Political Science


What have you gained from your internship? Diana-e1575037947354.jpeg

What key skills do you feel you have developed?

During my internship at Visionary Analytics, I improved my writing skills. I learned how to convey complex information in an understandable and engaging way. This will be especially useful in writing bachelor paper, as well as in my further career. The internship also gave me an opportunity to develop skills in team working. Visionary Analytics’ team not only showed all the advantages and opportunities of team-working, but also let to learn how to properly share information amongst team members, give feedback, accept constructive criticism and use practical advice. Finally, the internship significantly improved my skills in analytical thinking. Internal discussions based on academic evidence and arguments were especially useful.

What made you happy about your internship?

Several important things that made me happy about this internship are trust, appreciation, and feeling of improvement. During the internship, I felt a part of this great team. I was proud to be trusted and believed that my performed tasks were useful for the team and for my personal improvement, as well as created added value for this company. This is an amazing feeling!


Suggestions for future interns

Do not be afraid of challenges and take all the internship opportunities as you can! Actively participate in discussions and training, take part in informal team activities. I promise, you will not only have a good time, but also you will have an opportunity to deepen your knowledge in different academic fields and gain great practical skills.