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on shared vision and robust analysis.

Danielius Šaltis

Vilnius University, Institute of International Relations and Political ScienceDanielius Saltis_maza

What have you gained from your internship? 

What key skills do you feel you have developed?


Firstly, I gained a better insight about practical side of policy analysis and what knowledge and competences are needed to work in this area. More specifically, I gained better understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods. I also became familiar with research cooperation problems in Europe, especially the Baltic Sea Region, and how the EU tackles them.


What made you happy about your internship?


The most important thing is that colleagues treated me as their equal. Therefore, I contributed to a variety of significant tasks that added value to the firm and the clients. Also, the Visionary Analytics team is so great and friendly.


Suggestions for future interns


Two things: a) be prepared to learn things quickly; b) don’t be afraid of critical feedback.