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Aleksandr Christenko

Visionary Analytics, ISM University of Management and Economics


What have you gained from your internship?Aleksandr_forweb3

What key skills do you feel you have developed?



Better writing skills. To be more precise, I learned that each sentence has to carry value and how to write sentences as concise as possible, but as long as necessary. How to work in a team. Although individually I could create something good, only in a team it is possible to create truly great things. I have also learnt how to work under time constraints. Being young I wish to reach the stars, however due to time constraint that is not always possible. Thus, I had to learn how to manage my time efficiently and to create as much value as possible, but also leave some time for rest.


What made you happy about your internship?


The team. Visionary Analytics team is the friendliest bunch of people that anyone could ask for. They took me in like their own from the get-go and were always there to help if I did not understand something. They are also very open and will always listen to you if you have an idea how something could be improved. The thing that made me the most happy was that I was treated as someone who

could be trusted with a serious task. I never felt that the work that I was doing

was meaningless and I always saw value in my work.



Suggestions for future interns


Be ready to work. Visionary Analytics treats everyone that walks through their door as a smart and capable individual. You will be relied on to carry difficult task that has meaning. However, do not fear, if the task will seem too difficult: you will always have people who will guide you and help you to achieve your full potential.