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Matteo Seminati

Associate Researcher


Assistance with data analysis and evaluation in the selected research projects.



Matteo has an educational background in economics and statistics. By taking quantitative-oriented courses applied to economics, Matteo has obtained up-to-date knowledge of research design, methodological approach and analysis strategies used in social sciences.
He has practical experience with both qualitative (interviews and case studies) and quantitative (surveys, econometric and statistical analysis) research methods. His preferred programme of data analysis is R, but he
also uses other data analysis tools (Stata, Python, OxMetrics and SAS). His research interests mainly concern innovation, sustainability, policy and methodology with particular emphasis on econometrics and machine learning. He is fluent in Italian (native language) and English and has
basic knowledge of German.



MSc Cum Laude in Economics and Global Markets – European Master in Official Statistics, University of Bergamo, 2020

BSc in Economics, University of Bergamo, 2017