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Jan Bednorz

Affiliated Researcher



Research on education and labour market policies at the EU level.



Jan has an educational background in international economics with a particular interest in New Institutional Economics. He has a rich international experience, having studied or worked across the EU, as well as in developing countries including Kenya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Mexico. Jan is fluent in Polish and English, has a good command of Spanish and a basic knowledge of Russian.




Policy research and evaluation

European institutions, since 2018

Selected projects:

  • Analysis of labour market intermediaries active in digital and entrepreneurial skilling service;
  • Service contract for case studies on innovative practices for continuous professional development in higher education.
National governments Selected projects:

  • Consequences of women’s economic inactivity and their engagement in informal economy in Armenia;
  • Access to justice and human rights in Armenia;
  • Inconsistency of corruption measures: social perceptions in Armenia.

Other experience

Foreign affairs Selected analyses:

  • European aid and development assistance in East Africa;
  • Priorities of Polish foreign policy in Kenya;
  • Security situation in the Horn of Africa.




MA in International Economic Relations at Nottingham Trent University and Poznan University of Economics and Business (Joint Diploma Programme).