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Ildar Daminov



Email: Ildar

Innovation, R&D and education policy research and evaluation at both national and EU levels.



Ildar is a graduate of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna with a strong educational background in international relations and international law. His research and work experience includes development of international educational and training programs, media monitoring, and policy evaluation, particularly focusing on the assessment of internal factors in political decision-making. Ildar’s project management experience stems from his work with both governmental institutions and international organizations.

In his work and research Ildar effectively applies a range of different qualitative and quantitative methods (such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, statistical analysis, comparative case studies, and content analysis). Apart from his native Kazakh, Ildar is fluent in Russian, English, and German. He also has intermediate knowledge of Korean.


Other experience 


Research and analysis, since 2017 Experience gained through a research assistantship at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and a fellowship at the German Bundestag.
Main responsibilities included:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Media analysis and preparation of policy briefs.
  • Database management.



Master of Advanced International Studies (majoring in International Relations/International Law), Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.
Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in International Relations (majoring in Foreign Policy Analysis), Ural Federal University.