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Science, technology, innovation

 MTEPI galutine ataskaita  






Evaluation of Progress of the Objectives of the OP Designed for Promotion of R&D&I

RIO virselis 2016_1  






RIO country report: Lithuania 2016







Ex-post evaluation of the instrument Inno-vouchers LT impact on business R&D expenditure








Mid-term Review of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014












RIO country report: Lithuania 2015

 Stairway to excellence







Stairway to Excellence Country Report: Lithuania

 Support to SMEs20151022

Increasing Research and Innovation in SMEs and SME Development: Lithuania








RIO Country Report: Lithuania 2014






Social and Economic Return on Investment in R&D







Roadmaps for Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategy in Lithuania







ERAWATCH Country Reports 2013: Lithuania

 HighTech Development  

Lithuanian High Technologies Development Feasibility Study


Proposals for Smart Specialisation Priorities of Lithuania


New Production Processes, Materials and Technologies: R&D Potential Review


New Production Processes, Materials and Technologies: Thematic Review


Transport, Logistics and ICTs: R&D Potential Review


Transport, Logistics and ICTs: Thematic Review


Agro-Innovations and Food Technologies: R&D Potential Review


Agro-Innovations and Food Technologies: Thematic Review


Health Technologies and Biotechnologies: R&D Potential Review

Health technology and biotechnology

Health Technologies and Biotechnologies: Thematic Review


Energy and Sustainable Environment: R&D Potential Review







Energy and Sustainable Environment: Thematic Review








Inclusive and Creative Society: R&D Potential Review


Inclusive and Creative Society: Thematic Review







Lithuanian R&D and Innovation Priorities Identification Methodology

 Current strengths201510222

Current Strengths and Future Growth Potential in Lithuania`s Economy

 Long term national challenges20151022

Long Term National Challenges Facing Lithuania`s Economy and Society

 Proposals for SS in LT20151022






Proposals for Priority Fields of Smart Specialisation in Lithuania






ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: Lithuania






Lithuania’s Participation in European Research Infrastructures