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Education and training

 Apprenticeship review_Slovenia1  






Study on apprenticeship review in Slovenia

 Baltic Science Network1







Study on research cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region







Mid-term Review of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014








Analytical Highlights of Mismatch Priority Occupations in EU Countries

 EEA Grants Cultural heritage2







Mid-term evaluation of the sector Cultural Heritage under the EEA Grants








Thematic Country Review of Apprenticeship in Lithuania


Evaluation of Effectiveness, Benefits and Impact of Traineeship Programme







Lifelong Learning: Thematic Research

 Developing childrens creativity







Developing Children`s Creativity: Thematic Research


Inclusive and Creative Society: R&D Potential Review


Inclusive and Creative Society: Thematic Review








Anticipating the Transition: Engaging Young Workers Today to Reach 2050 Goals






Current and Future Demand for Critical Competences in the Engineering Industry