Evidence - based policy solutions built
on shared vision and robust analysis.





You will lead and take part in a wide range of research activities including:

  • Quantitative (surveys, statistics, modelling) and qualitative (interviews, focus groups) data collection and analysis
  • Creating frameworks to monitor and evaluate public policy interventions
  • Writing research and evaluation proposals and reports
  • Managing research and evaluation projects
  • Presentation of findings and results

A successful candidate will have:

  • Master’s degree in social sciences (political science, management, economics, statistics, sociology or related fields)
  • Proven experience in applying quantitative/qualitative research methods (at least two years of previous relevant work experience)
  • Excellent command of English (C1-C2 level)
  • Strong academic writing skills
  • Good communication and presentation skills

We prioritise:

  • Work experience in providing analytical services to the European Commission or other international organisations
  • Understanding and interest in labour market, innovation, industrial, digitisation and/or education policies)
  • Good command of other EU languages
  • Proven skills in statistical analysis, big data analytics and/or econometric modelling methods

We offer:

  • Exciting, fulfilling and impactful research and evaluation work
  • Dynamic and supportive working environment
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Continuous professional growth within the team of qualified experts and considerable investments into your further training
  • Long-term commitment to your career


If you think your skills are suitable to join us, send your CV to  career@amlaboratory.com with a subject “Researcher-Visionary”. Deadline – 03/11/2019.




You will support our tender teams in:

  • Exploring potential sales leads across Europe and beyond
  • Collecting and exploiting market intelligence
  • Building expert consortiums
  • Effectively managing European Commission framework contracts (i.e. overall agreements for specific future purchases) by ensuring that our internal as well as external capacities are well matched with clients’ and partners’ needs
  • Ensuring our team constantly excels in delivering project proposals
  • Improving sales related internal performance management processes
  • …you name it

You should have:

  • Master’s degree in social sciences
  • Excellent command of English (C1-C2 level)
  • At least two years of previous relevant work experience in professional services sector

We prioritise:

  • Proactive ‘can do’ attitude and solution-oriented mindset
  • Entrepreneurial characters knowing how to explore networking
  • High stress resiliency enabling to maintain inner peace amidst seemingly chaotic situations
  • Effective communicators easily conveying sharp and influential messages
  • Ability to act on your own, set and monitor your team’s behaviour
  • Innovators, trailblazers, finding new paths in seemingly impenetrable landscapes
  • Excel-savvy planners and organisers
  • .. not to forget (!) Previous work for the European Commission will be considered a serious advantage

We offer:

  • Access to vast international market to play with and fascinating challenges to overcome
  • Competitive salary and bonuses for outstanding results
  • Regular and case-by-case mentoring to boost your professional growth
  • Flexibility in terms of where and when you work
  • Continuous internal and external training opportunities
  • Values-driven company culture and fantastic team


If you think your skills are suitable to join us, send your CV with a subject “Business Developer-Visionary” to career@amlaboratory.com. Deadline – 03/11/2019.



(detailed description)


Visionary Analytics values its interns and thus offers:

  • Opportunity to contribute to research, policy analysis and evaluations at national (Lithuania) and EU levels;
  • Exciting, demanding and highly supportive working environment and colleagues
  • Professional growth within the team of qualified experts
  • Flexible working conditions – ability to combine internship and studies
  • Variable lenght of internship – 3 months or longer


If you are interested in the internship, please send us your up-to-date CV with a recent paper which you prepared during your studies or applied research work to talents@visionary.ltRecommendation(s) from previous/ recent academic advisor are desired. Preference will be given to candidates with a proven interest and experience in policy analysis.