Evidence - based policy solutions built
on shared vision and robust analysis.

Alexandra Beerkens

Research Assistant

Assistance with data analysis and evaluation in the selected
research projects.



Alexandra has an academic background in economics with a personal interest in gender and development economics. She has obtained her education in the Netherlands and in Sweden and gained more international experience while on exchange in Switzerland and Taiwan.
She is proficient in Polish (mother tongue) and English and has an intermediate command of German and Dutch.



Policy research and evaluation

National Health Care Institute, The Netherlands, 2015

Evaluation of Change Day NL, which included:

  • Comparison of the strategies from other countries
  • Literature research
  • Social media research
  • Identifying mistakes and providing recommendations for future improvement

Other experience

Research and development of a regional human capital model for PwC, The Netherlands, 2016

Tasks included group work with fellow students, PwC professionals and regional stakeholders, research and development of a regional human capital model, and analysis and recommendations for the allocation of human capital in the region of Midden-Brabant.



MA in Economics at Stockholm School of Economics.

BA in Economics at Tilburg University.