Evidence - based policy solutions built
on shared vision and robust analysis.

About us

Who are we?

We are a research based policy advisory specialising in education and innovation. We develop new tools and apply solid methods to provide tailored advice for EU institutions and national governments.


Why does it matter?

Education and innovation are increasingly dominating policy agendas across Europe. Yet the body of generalisable knowledge on “what works, why and how” remains fragmented at best. We aim to bridge this gap.


What do we value?

Partnership – we invest in long lasting partnerships with our clients and networks of experts.

Intelligence – we create value added by providing robust analysis of hard data in an accessible manner.

Vision – we transcend “mind traps” by focusing on joint visions for the future.

Excellence – new problems require new approaches. Thus we keep developing our methods and tools.


Our Team



Jonas Antanavičius



Analysis and evaluation of research and innovation systems and policies with special focus on quantitative analysis… Read more


Aleksandr MAZA


Aleksandr Christenko

Junior Researcher


Assistance with data analysis and evaluation in the selected research projects with a focus on quantitative analysis…. Read more




Simonas Gaušas

Partner, Research Manager


Research and evaluation of education and labour market policies. Extensive work with the EU and national authorities… Read more

Elze tinklapiui_maza










Elžbieta Jašinskaitė

Junior Researcher


Assistance with analysis and evaluation in the selected research projects. Experience in qualitative reasearch methods… Read more




Pijus Krūminas



Research and evaluation of R&D and innovation policy. Extensive work with the national authorities. Experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis … Read more


 Dovile tinklapiui_maza









Dovilė Maračinskienė

Office and Procurement Manager


Responsible for administrative supervision of the Visionary Analytics office. Responsible for the public procurement… Read more




dr. Žilvinas Martinaitis

Partner, Research Manager


Team leader and principal researcher in evaluation and research projects with special focus on education – labour market interfaces … Read more





dr. Agnė Paliokaitė

Managing Partner, Director


Research on R&D and innovation systems, evaluation of R&I and competitiveness policies and governance models. Extensive … Read more













Audronė Sadauskaitė 

Junior Researcher


Assistance with analysis and evaluation in the selected research projects. Experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods…   Read more






 DSC_0661 www









Matas Čiplys

Research Assistant


Matas is a sociology student at the Faculty of Philosophy. He has a good understanding of… Read more




DSC_0661 www










Aistė Jotautytė

Research Assistant


Aistė is experienced in working as a research assistant and intelligence analyst. She is fluent… Read more